Interested in a new outdoor fireplace. outdoor kitchen, fire pit, paver patio.  We have a team of specialists for you.

How we are different

Living landscapes require constant attention.  Our landscape maintenance, grass cutting and fertilizer services will keep your property looking great.

If you want a quote from a landscape consultant, contact us.

We are proud to offer landscaping design,  lawn mowing (grass cutting) and lawn fertilizer services as part of our complete package.

Our Mission

At West County Landscaping we are dedicated to providing you with reliable landscape maintenance and landscape construction services. Our goal is to satisfy all of your needs with superior customer service and hassle-free, flexible programs customized to fit your budget and property requirements. 

is your Property at one with nature? let us help.
Nature is all around us,
Craft yours beautifully

Our horticulture experts can design, build and care for a garden your family will love using what you eat the most. Organic gardening at home.

Gardening, Plants, Lawn Mowing, Fertilizer, Landscaping, Patios & More

Flowers are nature's paint; make your landscape expressive, beautiful, and captivating. We can provide a landscaping design for you.

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