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Snow Storm Summary 02/08/21 – 02/10/21

On Monday, February 8th, the forecast called for 0.8 inches of snow throughout the day. Since we treated your property on 2/6/21 during the last event there was already a sufficient base of salt on the ground and we found that an additional pre-treatment was not necessary. The major snow held off for most of the day and the existing ice melt kept the ground clear but by late evening freezing rain was making paved surfaces dangerously slick. The ice melt applied on 2/6/20 was no longer effectively protecting your property so we treated your property again to clear the accumulated ice and minimize additional accumulation. Despite an air temperature of about 19 degrees the freezing rain continued for the next several hours before transitioning to all snow. In total we received around an inch of snow overnight exceeding all forecasts.

On Tuesday, February 9th, most schools were closed due to the over night accumulation. The ice melt applied the evening before was again covered over by snow. Therefore, we cleared the snow from sidewalks then applied ice melt chemicals too all surfaces. Due to the low temperature, ice melt alone would not have effectively cleared the snow from the sidewalk areas. Through the day on Tuesday there were some flurries but no significant snow. As of the evening model run the overnight forecast from Tuesday into Wednesday called for 1/10th of an inch of accumulation overnight. We checked all properties late Tuesday evening and determined the existing ice melt would sufficiently maintain safe conditions given the forecast conditions.

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, February 10th, we received an additional ¾ of an inch of snow. Coupled with the 14 degree air temperature, this again created dangerous road conditions and resulted in the closure of many local area schools. We again cleared the snow from the sidewalks and applied ice melt to both the sidewalk and parking lot areas to melt existing and additional forecast accumulation. Due to the low temperature and significant cloud cover (no warming sun) the ice melt products were slow to turn the snow to water. While the surfaces were no longer slick or dangerous, slush remained in many areas. The forecast for Wednesday night indicated we would receive an additional 2/10ths of an inch with another 4/10ths through the day on Thursday. In the late afternoon we inspected your property and if necessary treated it to prevent the water and slush from refreezing and to prevent the accumulation of the forecast additional ½ inch of snow.

Each of the ice melt applications outlined in this event included calcium chloride to enhance the cold temperature melting power.

We strive to balance your budget with your need to maintain safe conditions for your staff and guests. We monitor weather conditions around the clock and only perform treatments when it is necessary. Unfortunately, this week has been an expensive one and there is plenty more to come according to the forecast.

The National Weather Service and other local forecasters anticipate the St. Louis area will receive 3-6 inches of snow next Monday and Tuesday. While this timeline will potentially still change significantly, we currently anticipate snow throughout the day Monday. We will likely perform multiple applications of ice melt throughout the day and will still have to plow/shovel the parking lot and sidewalks Tuesday morning. Due to the forecast low temperature below zero and the HIGH temperature of only 9 degrees on Monday, the ice melt products will be minimally effective. Please be aware, despite our best efforts, we are all still at the mercy of Mother Nature and slick conditions will be present throughout the day Monday should the current forecast prove correct.

If you have any questions about the snow services performed on this invoice for the period February 8th through 10th, or our plan for future services at your property please do not hesitate to call. We will monitor voice messages 24 hours and respond to all emergency calls promptly. You can reach us by phone or text at 314-494-8863.