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1 - 30"$130
30 - 38" $156
38 - 48"$188
48 - 56"$216
56 -  66"$252
66 - 75"$282

For each additional inch over 75 add $4.00

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We offer Emerald Ash Borer control based on the circumference of your tree when measured 4 feet above the ground.

​Prices listed are as of 5/1/19 and are subject to change with out notice.

Don't know how big your trees are?

Don't even know if you have ash trees?

No worries. We will visit your property for you and prepare a customized proposal for your review.

We strive to have your proposal to you within 7 days. Please feel free to give us a call if you do not receive it in that time.