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I will call this the storm that was not supposed to be. Last week’s weather forecast called for significant heavy rain Thursday through Saturday with less than an inch of snow to follow the rain Saturday night. This forecast was fairly consistent all week with only minor changes to the amount of snow (0.1 inches – 0.6 inches) and how much rain we were going to get. Turns out we got a lot of rain and snow.

Even as of noon on January 11th the forecast called for only 0.7 inches of snow. With the warm weather that preceded this storm the ground was relatively warm and we did not expect much service or treatment to be needed.

As of 4:30 pm on January 11th,  pavement was starting to get covered with a mix of wet snow and sleet. At this time the forecast only called for an additional 0.2 inches which would have put the total accumulation around the forecasted 0.7 inches. We started our route by treating properties that were open for business first. By 6pm there was over an inch on the ground and it was still snowing heavily. The snow stopped falling around 9pm, at which time there was between 2.5 and 3 inches of heavy wet snow on most paved areas.

Due to the high moisture content of the snow we determined salt would not be sufficient to clear the accumulation despite the warm ground temperature. With an overnight forecast low of 22 degrees we did not want any remaining residual snow, which would quickly refreeze. To provide the best service and ensure your property was safe for business Sunday morning we cleared the snow then treated your property with a chemical application to melt off any residual and to prevent any slush from refreezing.  While the overnight low was much warmer than anticipated, (27 not 22) any untreated surfaces froze to create dangerous icy conditions.

On Sunday, January 12th, the temperature reached a high of 38 degrees causing snow piles to begin melting. To ensure there were no dangerous refreeze conditions we checked all properties on the morning on the 13th and treated as appropriate, at no charge to you. Our choice to perform this service at no charge does not indicate that we will perform this at no charge in the future. We anticipate warmer temperatures the remainder of the week so no further inspections are planned for this event.


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Snow Storm Summary of January 11, 2020.

A parking lot in Ballwin shortly after treating with salt at about 4:55 pm on January 11th.

Weather forecast as of Noon on 01/11/2020