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On Friday, January 17th, we experienced a light ice storm. As of the 5:30am release the forecast called for slowly rising temperatures with 0.5 inches of snow followed by freezing rain and eventually rain after 5pm. While the snow was not concerning, the freezing rain was cause for great concern. Since the temperature was only 23 degrees in the morning the ground temperature was below freezing. Any freezing rain or rain would quickly change the ground from clear and safe to dangerously slick without much difference in appearance.

As soon as the forecast confirmed treatment would be needed, we treated your property to prevent the freezing rain from accumulating as dangerous black ice. Through the day treated surfaces stayed safe and untreated surfaces accumulated a light layer of ice. Late in the evening on the 17th the freezing rain changed over to heavy rain which melted any ice that accumulated through the day.

Below you can view the NOAA forecast as of 6am on 01/17/20.

Snow Storm Summary of 01/17/2020