Storm Summary January 28th and January 29th

Snow Salting Service in Ballwin, MO

In this photo you can see the salt melting the snow within minutes of our application on the morning of January 29th, 2020.

 This week we had two small waves of snow that came through on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The first was on January 28th. This event brought us a little under and inch of snow in the early morning hours. We inspected each property and treated as needed to ensure a safe surface. In many cases the ground temperature was high enough that there was no accumulation on paved surfaces.

Then on the 29th there was another early morning snow that brought just under another inch of snow to the area. This time the ground was much cooler and the snow accumulated on most paved surfaces, especially shaded areas and concrete sidewalks. We applied chemical ice melt which melted the accumulated snow and prevented additional accumulation through the day.

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