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Snow Storm Summary January 23rd to 24th


This weather event was nothing exciting. Over the course of the day on Thursday January 23rd and into evening we received about 3 inches of snow. The ground temperature started off warm enough that there was little accumulation through the day. As the snow precipitation rate increased in the early evening the snow began to accumulate on sidewalks and many asphalt surfaces. Since the ground and air temperatures were both above freezing the accumulated snow was slushy and not slick. We monitored the conditions and treated properties that were open as needed to maintain safe conditions. The snow fall began to diminish around 11pm on the 23rd and at that time we determined the snow would not melt by morning naturally. We evaluated the options and determined that the sidewalks would need to be cleared. To prevent the slushy residue from freezing a chemical application was also needed on these areas. The parking lots were a little more difficult decision for us. If we plowed the lot it too would need salted but salting alone may not be enough to melt away all the snow because of the high moisture content. In the end we evaluated on a case by case basis and plowed where needed, otherwise we applied a heavy salt application over the course of two visits in the early morning hours of January 24th. Due to the high moisture content of the snow there was some remaining slush at some properties in the morning but this was melted by the sun. We strive to perform the services that will incur the lowest cost for you while providing a safe surface.

The below is from the National Weather Service for Thursday, January 23rd, 2020.