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The news started talking about this event a few days before it arrived. By Sunday morning the forecast called for 4.6” of snow on Sunday afternoon and an additional 1.4” on Monday afternoon with some rain or freezing rain between the two waves of snow. The temperature was supposed to stay just under the freezing point for much of the event.

In anticipation for the snow we treated your property early Sunday morning. With the relatively warm ground temperature and air temperature near the freezing point we anticipated the chemicals would maintain a safe surface through most of the day and prevent the snow from creating a layer of ice on the pavement as the ground cooled.


Through the day Sunday we received about 2 inches of snow, about an inch of which accumulated on the treated surfaces. By Sunday evening the snow diminished significantly and the forecast still called for freezing rain overnight and an additional 1.5” on Monday. To prevent the slushy snow from turning into ice overnight, we cleared the snow then treated the sidewalks and parking areas.


The National Weather Service released an unusually late update Sunday evening to increase the forecast to 4.4 inches Monday. When their 5:30am forecast Monday morning was released there was another major update. The snow forecast increased to 6.6 inches through the day Monday. Due to the forecast many businesses and virtually all area schools were closed Monday. Therefore, we allowed the snow to accumulate through the day rather than visit your property every couple hours, which would have resulted in a much higher cost for you.


By 11pm on Monday an additional 4-5 inches of snow had fallen through the day Monday and it was still snowing lightly. We cleared your property late Monday night into Tuesday morning and applied chemical ice melt to melt away any remaining snow. The temperature by Tuesday morning fell to 21 degrees slowing the melting process which may have resulted in some residual snow on Tuesday morning.


While the temperature was below freezing most of the day Tuesday, the sun caused melting of the snow from cars and the snow on the perimeter of the cleared surfaces. Overnight Tuesday into Wednesday all wet surfaces froze creating dangerous black ice. We inspected your property on Wednesday morning and treated these dangerous conditions at no charge to you.


Again Wednesday we experienced melting and refreezing Wednesday night. We inspected your property on Thursday morning and again treated these areas at no charge to you. Our election to treat these areas at no charge does not imply that we will be able to provide this service at no charge for future visits.


We will continue to visit your property and spot treat as appropriate. At this time we anticipate this will be required for at least the next several days. We do our best to keep the cost of service low when possible, but please be aware that there may be additional charge for our return visits depending on the conditions we encounter upon arrival. 

Snow Storm Summary for 12/15/19 through 12/18/19

Live action from a WCL employee working at a client's property. Looks like we need a new camera mount though!