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Snow Storm Summary 02.06.21

On Saturday 2/6/21 the forecast called for a high temperature of 33 degrees with the temperature falling to an overnight low of 9 by Sunday morning. The forecast called for snow throughout the afternoon with total accumulation of 2.7 inches by 10 pm Saturday night.

There was very light snow throughout the afternoon. By dark the snow rate increased and continued until a little before 10 pm. Total accumulation for the area was about an inch of very light, dry snow.

We treated most properties late Saturday morning to minimize the accumulation of snow throughout the afternoon. Due to the delayed onset, this application proved effective into the evening as well. The single application would have likely proven effective at warmer temperatures. However, with the updated overnight low of 7 degrees it was important to get the snow melted while the temperature was still a relatively warm 18 degrees at midnight. Therefore, we treated all properties to increase the snow melt rate. We added calcium chloride to our product mixes to increate the effectiveness at the low temperature and shorten the melt time.  Our ‘hot mix’ resulted in nearly immediate results ensuring your property was as safe as possible given the temperature Sunday morning.

Our late night treatment left a significant salt brine residue and some remaining product granules on treated surfaces. We are optimistic this remaining residue will effectively melt most of the snow expected on Monday, 2/8/21. As always, we will continue to monitor the weather and site conditions and will treat your property as appropriate.

As always, if you have any questions about the services we performed or the specific conditions we encountered at your property please do not hesitate to call us at 314-494-8863.