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Snow Storm Summary 02/26/20

The week's weather brought another mid week tease for the St. Louis region. It was in the low 60s early in the week with rain on Tuesday that changed over to snow Wednesday morning. By Saturday the temperature was back in the low 50s. I guess that is a sign spring is coming.

On Tuesday, 2/25/20, the forecast called for 1-2” of snow across the region Wednesday morning. With the relatively warm ground temperature at the time we anticipated most of the snow would melt on contact and therefore pre-treatment was not required for most properties.

Around 5 am the snow fall rate exceeded the melt rate and the snow began accumulating on all paved surfaces. We checked each property and treated as necessary to aid the melting process. Some areas that do not receive much direct sun were cooler and therefore had up to an inch of accumulation while asphalt areas that have direct sunlight all day were warm enough to melt most of the snow once the snow fall rate decreased.

The snow continued to fall lightly through the morning and the temperature briefly reached a high temperature of 36 degrees around 3pm but the sky remained cloudy all day. Wednesday evening the temperature fell to 25 degrees.

Storms like these are difficult for us to determine the best course of action. We do not want to bill you for services that are not needed but at the same time must ensure the safety of those at your property. To provide the best value for you we evaluate each property and only provide services that are necessary for the conditions we observe and the conditions that are forecast for the next few hours. In this case areas that are shaded had significant accumulation which we did not anticipate would melt in an acceptable amount of time. Additionally, the forecast called for much cooler temperature Thursday morning and we wanted to ensure there would not be dangerous re-freeze conditions.

As always if you have any questions about the services we performed or the specific conditions we encountered at your property please do not hesitate to call us at 314-494-8863.