Snow Storm Summary 01/15/21

On January 26th the forecast called for light snow accumulating to a total of one half of an inch throughout the day on the 27th. By early morning on the 27th the forecast changed to be 2.2 inches throughout the day. The temperature was forecast to be just below freezing throughout the day. We treated your property in the early morning to minimize accumulations through the day. By lunch time the snow fall rate was heavy and was starting to over power the chemical ice melt agents we applied. A short time later the snow rate diminished and the ice melters started to recover. The concrete areas tend to melt more slowly so we shoveled those areas and applied another round of icemelt. The asphalt areas hold more heat and plowing was not necessary. We applied a second round of salt to ensure they melted completely before the temperature fell to an overnight low of 17 degrees. We checked your property again on the morning of the 28th to ensure safe conditions for you, your customers and staff.

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